I am a Cancer Survivor and because of this I have been experimenting with different lotions. I finally made the one for me…..Nadia’s Secret. I have a wonderful quote from Nadia about the Lotion. Cheryl Mott Smith So proud of your accomplishments Marty! And thrilled to be a loyal customer of Nadia’s Secret, which I used all through radiation for breast cancer. My skin looks great -nothing like what’s typically seen after 6 weeks of daily radiation. I’ve used Gem Ray Gold, body and belly creams from the beginning, and love them all. Thank you for products pure enough to use on a cancer patient – now a survivor! I Thank you Cheryl, So much. And God bless all those with Cancer….. I feel ya!! Marlene Dunphy


Just received my beautiful, well packed with even a handwritten note just for me, which warmed my heart. You don’t see that in this day and age and I feel very special to be so honored. Just wanted to let you know it arrived so quick and beautifully that I am speechless. You get a 5 star from me and that’s not an easy thing I give so easily since I am very picky. May blessings be upon you and your business. Don’t change your business practices.
Thanks & much love from the bottom of my heart

M. from Miami