Festival of Life

Tarot, Shopping, Seminars – To Enrich Your Mind, Body & Soul. 

Come and celebrate with US our 2nd Wellness Convention!

The Festival of Life is a one day wellness convention taking place in Durham, North Carolina at the Durham Armory from Sunday Sept 20, 2020 . It’s a extravaganza showcasing vendors selling items & services that enrich your mind, body and soul! Whether you want to shop for handmade soaps or vegan lotions, get a tarot reading or bring your kids to play in our giant game area – the Festival of Life has something for everyone!

The Festival of Life has been over 20 years in the making and a dream shared by friends, Eileen Connolly and Marlene Dunphy. They wanted to create an event that combined the holistic healing, the medical field and the metaphysical world – and make it accessible for everyday people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, Eileen Connolly passed away in 2015 from cancer before she got to see her dream realized. Only two years after Eileen’s passing, Marlene was diagnosed with cancer as well. Despite life threatening complications following her cancer removal surgery, Marlene was blessed to make a full recovery. After regaining her life and her health, she set on a quest with her husband and daughter to host her and Eileen’s dream. Thus the Festival of Life was born.

To fill out an application just go to: http://www.festivaloflifenc.com.

Thank you everyone for your support. 

Marlene Dunphy