Dunphy Naturals Celtic Oracle

The Celtic Oracle was created in 2018,and is a unique divination tool.

The Celtic Oracle was designed so the reader can predict their need, action, and intent. By understanding what to do and when to do it the reader can plunge thru and plan on their karmic destiny. This is called Master Planning, and with adjusting and planning the reader will get positive results.

If the reader has had outside influences, they can see how the influences are affecting their personal destiny. This will bring the reader relief because they will know they have to make their own personal life choices. The reader will feel their way thru to see which symbol radiates to them and gives them guidance. This is a melding of the symbol and the higher-self, (triadic alignment). 

Celtic: “relating to the Celts or their languages, which constitute a branch of the Indo-European family and include Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish, and several extinct pre-Roman languages.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Oracle is a source of Wisdom. “When one consults or reads the Celtic Oracle, they are looking for a source of TRUTH AND WISDOM, it then becomes an ORACLE. This being so, it becomes a point of truth and wisdom according to the spiritual INTENT of the Reader.”

Because there are many forms of divination in the spiritual world-it’s hard to decide on which tool to use as some of the tools are difficult to forecast. I love to forecast with the Dunphy Naturals Celtic Oracle, and once the reader understands what adjustments must made on their path, they are then able to meditate and correct old karmic patterns. My interest in the Celtic traditions and my roots of Christianity are related back to 1980’s. They were taught to me by my mentor and friend, Dr. Eileen Connolly. Year after year she taught me a wide range of traditions and philosophy’s ranging in many different worlds. But my strong inclination was to study the Celtic Symbols as they were familiar and comforting to me. 

Game :
4 Major Tiles, 18 Minor Tiles, Mat, Booklet

Retail $75.00