Classes & Lectures


Intro to Tarot
The basics of a tarot class teaches the student the correct procedure for reading a Celtic Tarot Spread. Using the Connolly Deck, the student will learn to pick out and use the brilliant colors and symbols of these beautiful cards. There is no hidden symbolism in the Connolly Deck, so the student can plunge into the cards with confidence, and it helps the reader understand the wisdom of his or her reading.



Intro to Mincryology
Mincryology is Dr. Connolly’s unique study of Healing using Crystals and Minerals. For over 30 years Marlene and Dr. Connolly have been using the procedure of Mincryology to fortify the physical body and activate positive energy for the student. This class is using healing procedures with crystals and minerals to clear unwanted stress in their everyday life situations.



Dating by Numbers: A Special Lecture Series
In this special lecture series we combine the art of numerology with the mysterious world of love, romance and dating. Marlene Dunphy teams up with Erin Dunphy, author of the popular book ‘1000 Days of Celibacy’ and owner of the Speedating Company, Master Dater Events, to talk about chemistry, love and dating.

In the end, dating is all about the numbers.