image2(Pictured Above: Marlene Dunphy, guest lecturer, at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in February 2016)

Marlene Dunphy is a teacher of Tarot, Numerology, Mincryology and Esoteric Sciences. She was a scholar of Dr. Eileen Connolly, a world renowned teacher of esoteric studies, for over thirty years. Upon graduation from the Connolly University in 1988, Marlene began working alongside Dr. Connolly. She was her assistant for over twenty-five years. Marlene’s passion is teaching new students all the facets of Connolly Studies and keep the late Dr. Eileen Connolly’s work alive for future generations.

Marlene’s  Business – Dunphy Naturals is expanding with knowledge of Mincryology she is creating new and exciting products. Dunphy Naturals  is selling creams and elixirs with the ingredients of Gem Ray. All the Products are made in N.C. and are natural.  These creams have a duel healing effect both in the skin and the aura  for replenishment. For more information on Dunphy Naturals go to